ministry sledding

this is a list of all the things God involved me in in the past week:

  • the ending of a mission project
  • the inception of a new mission project
  • a new local connection in youth ministry
  • four new books that each had something it it that felt like it was there specifically because I needed to read it right then
  • the “end” of a very challenging conversation that offered me some clarity on the overall situation
  • the discovery of a an amazing leap forward in education (Digital Ethnography- KSU) that has loads of implications for youth ministry
  • memorized a new story
  • started a “Covert Ops” Christmas project with my volunteer team
  • wrapped up a middle school service project
  • filled a gymnasium with Straw
  • picked up a good book for a friend in ministry just at the right moment
  • toured a school for the blind and severely disabled in order to form a partnership with them and our high school group
  • created seven scarecrows with a bunch of 11-14 yr olds to investigate how they(the kids) are images of God
  • had a terrific conversation on the same topic with high school kids on understanding the opposite gender
  • sent an organization the details they needed in order to get their kids collecting gifts to give to people who need some extra help this holiday season
  • made plans to put two local youth groups together for, hopefully, the first steps in an ongoing relationships

I wish I could say I had some part in how any of that happened but, there’s no way I could do all that. It all just kind of landed in my lap without my realizing it was there and when I turned around and looked back at the week- it was like sledding-  I got this great run downhill with little flecks of cold stuff flying in my face and the wind and red cheeks and the laughing and hopefully that tree isn’t coming up too fast because this is SO MUCH FUN!


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