another e-reader post

I love tech gadgets. My computer is still my favorite, but my iPod (I am an iSheep!) and my phone come in as close seconds. They would be the same gadget except for those damn data plan charges!

So, I’ve spent the past couple of years looking at e-readers. I keep putting it off because they are expensive and books are a pretty handy technology themselves. Now there’s another new e-reader out from Barnes and Noble. The Nook. TWO screens-one a color touch screen for browsing your library and other admin. chores, the ability to lend books and some special features for when you’re actually at a B&N store. Although, why you’d need to go there with the wifi and 3G capabilities is a little bit of a mystery. . Very nice- but the same high price tag.

So, to help me make an objective, unemotional decision I found this handy chart…..
shouldyougetgadget from





























Unfortunately, the chart says NO and again my dreams of a really amazing reading gadget have been thwarted.


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