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two totally unrelated topics

1. I have Lyme Disease. I’m really tired, achy and have fevers and headaches a lot. The doctor expects it to continue on and off for a year or two. If we had caught it just a little sooner, the timeframe for the symptoms would probably be different – less. Considering some of the other things they tested my 12 vials of blood for, Lyme is pretty darn minor. I’m pleased about that part. Did you know there’s something they test your blood for that uses viper venom? Medical bills are fascinating if you just ignore how much you owe…

2. Honey roasted peanuts are evil. Whoever came up with the idea should have been subjected to an addiction and 12 step recovery program just to experience what those of us addicted to his/her invention would have to endure. I bet he/she would hae thought twice before selling that particular idea!