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What do you say when…

justice isn’t justice?

A brief update: My step-Dad left my Mom after 25 years of marriage. He came into the union with debt and a job that only made ends meet because my mom already had a house and was paying her own bills. Using her house and inheritance they, together, decided that she would not work any more, built an additonal house and bought and sold several properties along the way, making a few investments as well. The seed cash was hers, the living money mostly came from his job and loans based on the properties they owned jointly.

Now, he’s abandoned her and committed adultry and is financially able to buy her half of their jointly owned vacation home. She, meanwhile, is going to be left with less than what she had as a single mother, before he moved into her life 25 years ago. I’m not saying either of them should be out in the cold-but is it “just” to claim that her social security is all she should have when he’s the reason it’s so low, and he’s in a financial position to buy her out of what she made possible for them to have together?

But, the law doesn’t take any of that in account- not the adultry, the abandonment, the previous finances, the inheritances, his free-of-charge living situation with a wealthy mistress, or her attempts simply to stay in her townhouse, etc. All the law does is look a the bottom line: 1/2 for each.

Equal is not always fair. Bullies often win. But how do you explain that to the victim?


If I can’t figure out what to write for a status message on facebook, how will I ever come up with something interesting for a blog again?