New Year’s Graveyards

In the last few days I’ve had to pick a few people up from their homes, so I’ve been driving through a lot of neighborhoods. Nice, middle and working class American families with decorated Christmas-y houses.

Except that now that it’s into the reality of 2009, past the holidays and back to the daily grind, no one is really into the decorations anymore so strings of drooping christmas lights remain unlit and wreaths are starting to look a little flat from being smashed in between the front door and the storm door.

But the most depressing sight, by far, is the graveyards of limp, uninflated Christmas decorations laying around front yards of every fifth house or so. Not everyone gets into the inflatable decorations, but those who do, really do. Their yards are packed full of these monster-sized critters that probably give the two year old next door nighmares throughout Christmas. Squiggling wires streak across to every electrical outlet in sight of the house. And, at night, may even move and play music. They’re a lot of fun really….when they’re plugged in. Now, though, no one inflates them anymore. We’re back to thinking about the cost of electricity, the leaky faucet and the other everyday mundane things that are the bulk of life. The graveyards of the holiday season are just reminders that it has passed and the routines we’ve started again are going to extend for the next few months, at least.

So, hey, if you’ve got ’em, plug them in and extend the celebration! Or get a couple people together for a Christmas Wake and remember the holidays with a little style while you put the decorations away.


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  1. so true!!


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