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Today’s best email

Subject: Karen needs help!! Exploding soda cans in the kitchen!!!
As you can see by the subject line of the email that went out to staff this morning, the day is off to a fine start.

I was trying to be nice and restock the supply of sodas we keep in the vegetables bins in the 2 refrigerators in the kitchen here in the office.

We provide sodas and bottled water for 45 cents each – much cheaper than the vending machines.
As I was carrying a case of Root Beer over to the 2nd fridge, it split in half and dropped to the floor with cans spilling everywhere.

Unfortunately the impact caused one can to spring a tiny leak. You’d think that would be no big deal. But you’d be wrong!!

The force of the soda shooting out of the can, caused the can to spin in circles on the floor. I was bending down trying to grab the spinning can, and it shot soda up my nose. It shot soda up my pant legs. I got soda in my hair and all over my glasses.

By the time I got the can under control, the kitchen was a wreck.

Soda was dripping off the windows and cabinets – even the ones up over the sink!

Soda was dripping down the walls, the table and chairs.

Because I had the refrigerator door open, soda went ALL over inside the fridge too.

Soda squirted people’s lunch bags, all over condiments on the door shelves, and it even dripped down into the vegetable bins.

All total, that one stupid can covered an area about 15’ x 15’!!!

I walked my dripping, but sweet smelling self, out to the nearest cubicle and asked a colleague to email the office and ask people to come help clean it all up. About 8 people descended on the kitchen within 2 minutes. Most came because the idea of exploding soda cans was too intriguing to ignore! It took all of us about 15 minutes to wipe everything off, empty the fridge out, rinse things off, soak it up, etc.

Hope your day is a little less exciting.


And the #1 reply winner:

Here are my responses based on aspects of my identity . . .

Pastor – I’m so very sorry.  Can I do anything to help?

Missionary – You should be grateful to have soda in the first place.  Most people in the world don’t have such luxuries.

Your friend – hahahahahahah!!!  hahahahahah!!! (catch my breath) hahahahahah!!  hahahahahaha!