The Parable at Kruger

This video has become popular, so you may have seen it before. On the other hand, if you haven’t, it can be tough to watch. It’s better without the sound on because the narraration interrupts the flow of the video. If you start it watching it, make sure you watch through to at least seven minutes-don’t quit in the middle.

Isn’t that amazing? Maybe stop and take a breath or two to calm down. I admit it, I cried. It’s watching seven minutes of hell for a water buffalo- not exaggerating. The little guy went through something that there isn’t a better term for than hell. And came out alive enough to walk away.

It has to be one of the best, albeit unusable, sermon illustrations in memory. Get beat down, keep going. Get torn up, keep going. Get a little help from your family and friends. Let God work a miracle in your life so you can stand up and walk again.

It also has all the makings of a great story- a character that you care about, an insurrmountable obstacle, positive and negative progress, conflict, suspense and an amazing finish. I’m glad they didn’t try to figure out what happened to the little guy next. It would have ruined the story.

The video doesn’t need anyone to explain it-I get it. I mean, I GET it. To the point of tears. I can easily see that God would want to tell it to humanity- I feel God in this completely visceral way when I watch it.

Do you think there’s any chance that people don’t need us (the Church) to explain God’s point to them? Can’t we just tell the stories where we see God at work, in Scripture and in life, and simply let God speak for Himself ? Why is it necessary to take it apart, analyze it and try to reduce it to something uncomplicated? Life’s complicated-God is beyond our grasp and he created life. So, why can’t we accept that life is beyond our grasp as well and let God tell us His story?

I was more frustrated with that than I thought I was when I started-frustration is my strongest spiritual gift. What I really wanted to get into is why Hell is considered a location when we define it in terms of an experience, but I guess I can save that for another day…


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