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I was talking to a friend last night who was wondering why his warm vacation spot was colder than my wintery everyday life hometown. So, the cool snow thing available for wordpress blogs is for him.

PLUS, at no additional cost, we have real snow outside today. Sixty degrees yesterday, snow and ice today. Gotta love PA-it has weather.


Would Santa deliver presents to Baby Jesus?

My weekly blog alarm is going off with increasing frequency, so I better write something to stop it for another week or two…

I love Christmas. And, even though I work for a church and spend a lot of time with church people, the Christmas I really love is the Santa Claus, Grinch, gift-giving, silly movies, worse songs,  American, materialistic Christmas. I’m sorry, baby Jesus, it’s nothing against you really. It’s just that I love Santa!

Right about now, videos and emails start getting popular that are made to remind us that the season is about Christ’s birth and not about the other things. There’s a great one at I like them; I get the point. But I don’t see why celebrating the birth of Christ and celebrating generosity and loving on those we hold dear have to be exclusive of each other.

 I love that people get happy by buying stuff for other people, instead of buying stuff for themselves. And that some guy puts on a red suit and is SO generous that he’s spending his retirement years making toys for people’s kids who he doesn’t even know! Even though we spend so much on ourselves and our loved ones, we also give away more than any other time also. We embody generosity because of the silliness and traditions. Without those, I don’t think people would be willing to give so much.

Here’s a for instance: There are eight homeless teens living at a shelter I know. They need pants for school-khaki uniform pants. Nothing special, but they don’t have the money to get them. A friend contacted me about these kids, knowing that I work with teens at a church. She knows we’re already getting gifts for other needy families. She knows we already packed a bunch of gifts for kids globally to recieve on Christmas day. But she told me about these kids and the things they had on their christmas lists- school pants included. If it wasn’t for the extreme generosity of this season, I’d have had trouble finding the resources to help them out beyond just the basics. Instead, the response I’ve gotten is “what else do they want? I can get some of (insert gift items here) for them.”

Yes, Jesus is the only savior of the world. Santa’s got nothing on Him there. But if Santa gets us to act like Jesus from time to time, then maybe it’s ok to celebrate both with of them.