first couple of steps

Last weekend I went with a bunch of women from my local church for a “day of personal retreat”. It worked out pretty well. Personally, I love to be alone. I found out from the women at the retreat that this is not completely normal-especially a woman. I didn’t officially survey them; this is my not-reliable-eavesdropping-didn’t-know-you-were-being-quoted observation and opinion. From what they said, it’s just plain weird to like being alone for an extended time. I gathered from them that a person is supposed to be nervous or anxious, possibly even afriad and, at the very least, bored after an hour or two alone. I grew up alone and I am far more comfortable with myself than I am with most other people. Don’t get me wrong, I like people-they fascinate me. This weekend was cool though because it was like being alone with a bunch of people. Not in an emo-pop song way. It was just the opposite. Anyone could be with others if they chose but there was no pressure to stay with everyone else. It was an easy, relaxed, welcome solitude. Loneliness wasn’t part of the equation at all-It was a great way to blow off a birthday.

I promised myself that this weekend would be the kick-off of my project on storytelling. I still don’t have much more than a hazy idea of where this is headed. The only really clear direction I have is a desire to improve my storytelling skills. But then I start reading about imagination, and metanarrative and “stealing past watchful dragons” (thank you C.S.Lewis!) And there’s so much more coming out of this Story project idea that I want to explore. This started out as a year long project- HA! My mental picture of it now is a hill that, just when you think you’re about to reach the top, you see that it’s really just rolling into more climbing.

Some ideas came out of the reading I did last weekend. I’m posting them each sperately, but this is fair warning that the next few posts hinge together to some extent.


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