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Packing for the trip

suva.jpgI’m at a loss for words since I haven’t figured out much about where I’m heading with this project yet. Honestly, I don’t think I want to know where I’m heading but it’s really hard to pack when you don’t know where you’re going to end up. Even more challenging is that it’s a journey into imagination-not my own, it gets borning in there- but into the human imagination and story, maybe it’s evolution and it’s ability to, as C.S. Lewis wrote, “steal past those watchful dragons” that come into existence when we resort to growing up too permanently.

I’m not at all sure how this will come together yet. Drop me a line if you have any ideas. And if you notice I haven’t posted in a while-I hope you’ll remind me to get back to work! Hopefully next is a reading list and maybe some realizations from my retreat next weekend.